Home to classical pianist and music producer Alberto Bof and film producer Martino Properzi, MKRS – Publishing creates tailor made musical compositions in a range of styles, from Classical to Contemporary, for a large spectrum of advertisement, film and gaming industry clients. We adore working on full scale productions for recording artists and we don’t shy away from sound designing every once in a while. Mostly we are in love with music and are keen to collaborate with our clients to give their projects the soundtrack it deserves. Venice Beach California, where the MKRS Studio facilities were established in 2011, is our base.  Come and visit us if you are in the neighborhood or just contact us and we will be delighted to discuss your ideas.  You can be certain that we will strive to provide you with a personal musical solution that would be hard to obtain from a dull music library.

But don’t take our word for it, check our latest work for yourselves.



Client comes first when it comes to the choice of style, but we always make sure our signature is there. Our music is made for images.

Sound Design

We store sounds in our libraries since the early 90s. Sound Design is our game, 100% is the percentage of our quality.


We try to work in Symbiosis with our artists, we think it’s the only way to reach the top.


Here are some of the exciting projects we’ve been working on lately:

Wave Tokyo + Technics
Soundtrack / Collaboration
Soundtrack / Fashion / missoni
Soundtrack / Skateboarding
Original Classics
Stab in the Dark : All Stars
“UNPOSTED” (the Chiara Ferragni Documentary)
Soundtrack / Documentary
A Star Is Born
Soundtrack / Film
City of Lies
Soundtrack / Film
Stephanie Gilmore’s Electric Acid Surfboard Test
Soundtrack / Surfing / Stephanie Gilmore

I come from a background of experimental music which mingled real sounds together with musical sounds.” (E. Morricone)

“When music and images gel they can take the audience’s brains to another plane emotionally and dramatically. Bad film music intrudes without complimenting the action. A great score gets under your skin, triggers your subconscious, enhances the drama and helps drive the emotional power train of the movie.” (A.Parker)


Alberto Bof

Martino Properzi

  • “Your production and choice of sounds made my job easier!”


    Dave Pensado
  • “Alberto has given life to our projects!!”


    Clay Porter
  • “Alberto sees the reality through music and he has such an intuitive and open-minded approach that mesmerizes me all the time!”

    Bruno Miotto


We’d love to hear from you, provide any further information you may be interested in and discuss possible projects.

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